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Customs Watch

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Trademark Records with TESS, TSDR access and Audits

Disputes & Litigation with TTAB access and Audits

Docket with auto Deadline and Reminder Calculations

Scheduled Email Docket and Client reports

Document & Emails indexing and storage

Auto Trademark data intake for 68 Jurisdictions

TM Practice Guide for all Jurisdictions

Pre Search for over 100 jurisdictions

Calendar Sync


Comprehensive Patent Module

Standard and custom deadlines and reminders

Download US Patents from the USPTO

Pay US Maintenance fees directly from the TMCloud patent record

Click throughs to US full text

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With a tiered modular pricing structure your TM Cloud system can grow and expand to suit your business needs. Only pay for what you need!


TM Cloud's features give you flexibility and help you gain efficiency

I use several hosted services as part of my practice and none come close to providing the efficiency I enjoy with how TM Cloud manages my docket of over 1200 trademark filings. The service is intuitive and complete, and the switchover from the docket service provider I used before was seamless. If I built my own cloud-based service, it would look a lot like TM Cloud.

I find the TM Cloud system very intuitive, intelligent and powerful which allows me to do vast amounts of docketing, such as file intake, with very little effort. Although the system is highly customizable, it works just great without having to do any set up at all so you can add tweaks as you go without it really ever demanding any real attention.

TM Cloud named as an Advanced Solution Vendor in the Hyperion 2016 Marketview Report for IP Management Systems

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