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USPTO Status Updates

The TM Cloud Intellectual Property docketing software's daily status updates are automatically synced with the USPTO for all pending matters tracked in the account. This useful feature includes automatic docketing for new actions without the need for clerical input. Email and calendar notification are included

Custom Reports & Templates

Easily create and customize excel reports with our software's simple to use drag and drop user interface. TM Cloud clients can set up templates for letters, invoices and more, to create documents or emails using a powerful and fully customizable text editor.

Trademark Data Audits

TM Cloud includes a unique audit feature in every account. It grants clients the ability to create and audit their data globally. Our software connects you to national and proprietary databases in 177 jurisdictions. Data sources include TMVIEW, national Trademark Office databases and TrademarkNow data.

Scheduled Reports & Emails

TM Cloud software is able to set up automatic daily, weekly or monthly dockets. Client and management reports are all deliverable by email or synced with any online calendar. This allows users to remotely keep up with all aspects of their portfolio without logging into the platform.

Intake and Data Loading

We benefit from saving time and avoiding mistakes. With TM Cloud no manual data entry is required for patent or trademark intake. The software easily downloads and inserts critical IP data including logo images, goods and patent abstracts. A quote for customized excel data transfers is available upon request to all clients.

Document Management

Store IP related documents, certificates, email correspondences or searches with Tm Cloud and cross index them with records in any module. The software lets you utilize the Outlook Add-in to store and index emails and attachments directly from their inbox into your account.

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Take Advantage of our Expertise

TM Cloud provides special handing for all Intellectual Property cases, domestic and foreign.  Our software makes it easy for you to keep up to date with web links for United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS), Trademark Status & Document Retrieval (TSDR) and Trademark Trial & Appeal Board (TTAB). Downloads and audits are also available for Canadian and European union Training Mission (EUTM) trademarks, Madrid Protocol International registrations and all other jurisdictions. Automatic docketing and renewal date calculations are provided for all jurisdictions.

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Clients trust the TM Cloud IP Management Software. Fortune 500 companies, International Law firms and single practitioners rely on the TM Cloud IP Docketing Software to streamline their portfolios.


Find more reviews of TM Cloud at Capterra which lets you search for, compare, and choose the right software with confidence.

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Top Software Reviews

I used several hosted services as part of my practice and none come close to providing the efficiency I enjoy with how TM Cloud manages my docket of over 1200 trademark filings. The service is intuitive and complete, and the switchover from the docket provider I used before was seamless. If I built my own cloud-based service, it would look a lot like TM Cloud.

Edge Law uses TM Cloud
Allen Baden
Edge Law Group

I’m very happy with the TM Cloud software. It’s trustworthy, accurate and easy to use. My company has had three paralegals quickly familiarize themselves with the system. I like the customizable reports and auditing feature. And TM Cloud is extremely responsive to any questions or concerns.

Testimonial from law firm
Kelly Weiner
Law Office of Kelly Weiner

TM Cloud has been like a savior for my company. We now have a full picture of the company’s IP portfolio at our fingertips. The ease in accessing the information and preparing detailed reports makes this portion of my daily tasks quick and painless. Thanks, TM Cloud.

Recommended by Encyclopaedia Britannica
Carmen E Pagan
Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc

TM Cloud is a straightforward and customizable docket system with a great report generating feature. As a cloud-based service it is accessible from virtually anywhere and it was easy to provide clients with access to their trademark records. The ability to audit trademark records for accuracy is invaluable, and the capacity to use the system in either in English or Spanish language was a good option for our clients.

TM Cloud endorsed by law firm
Diana C. Cone
Ferguson Braswell Fraser Kubasta PC


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Only pay for the features you need

TM Cloud has a tiered pricing structure based on the size of your portfolio, whereby you only pay for the features your business needs, the size of your portfolio and the number of users. Every new account comes with 2 full access users included with each annual subscription, additional users can be purchased with different access permissions (edit, view, custom, client, agent etc).

The standard system includes the following: trademarks, docketing, reporting, document management and contact management and 1 additional module of your choice (litigation, patents, copyrights, domain names etc). An hour of free training and unlimited customer support are also included at no additional fees.

Our lowest pricing tier is for up to 250 records and starts at $100 per month.

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