USPTO Automation

TM Cloud lets you track and manage listings at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This page highlights the automatic trademark updates feature that is designed to give you streamlined and simple control of your pending USTPO trademark applications. This automated system does not require any legal expertise. It is presented in an interface that is easy to learn and use. Utilizing it saves you the time that would have otherwise been spent manually updating your records and docket entries.

USPTO home page image for TM Cloud Automatic USPTO Trademark Updates Feature

The United States Trademark and Patent Office was founded on January 2nd 1975 and in 2019 handled 669,434 total patent applications.

TM Cloud - Automatic USTPO Trademark Docketing

  • Automatic USPTO trademark docketing saves the time and resources used to manage your docket.
  • TM Cloud keeps your trademark records up to date automatically without any paralegal or clerical input.
  • Daily updates from the USTPO.
  • Email notifications for all status changes.

Automatic docket entries for:

  • Office Actions
  • Opposition expiry
  • Notice of acceptance
  • SOU extensions
  • Section 8 Affidavits
  • Renewals

Direct links to USTPO forms:

  • Trademark filings
  • Response to Office Actions
  • ITU SOU Extensions
  • Allegations of Use

TM Cloud lets you keep your USPTO records up to date without logging into your TM Cloud account.