Intellectual Property Modules

Elevate Your Intellectual Property Practice

TM Could’s Intellectual Property Modules provide you with the means to manage not only trademarks and patents but also all related IP matters. Below you will find details about some of the features our software puts at your fingertips. Explore the rest of the website and feel free to contact us for a demo.


Keep comprehensive records of trademark applications and registrations in all jurisdictions worldwide and the 50 US States. You can include full text details, images and the complete list of goods.  In an increasingly globalized world special handling is provided for US, Canadian, EUTM and Madrid Protocol marks. Automatic daily USPTO status updates are added to your docket with no manual entry required. Extensive web links provide data migration and auditing for 175 jurisdictions. To keep things on schedule the renewal and maintenance dates are calculated and added to your docket automatically.

Patents & Designs

The TM Cloud Patent and Designs module  keeps full particulars of your global patent and registered design portfolio. Multiple web links provide access to claims, full text patent descriptions, references and all other data. Download complete data sets from PAIR, Patentscope, the European Patent Register and various national patent databases.  With the Documents Module you can preserve correspondence, Information Disclosure Statements (IDS) search reports and other materials. Docketing for annuity and other deadlines is provided with the ability to set up your own custom deadlines.

IP Disputes

The TM Cloud Disputes Module keeps track of oppositions, cancellations, litigation and policing activity. Disputes concerning any of your IP  rights are covered. The data is cross indexed with whatever IP rights are involved, your trademarks, patents, designs, domain names, e-commerce and copyrights.  For USPO matters a link is provided to the TTAB database for data downloads and procedural deadlines. Correspondence, Complaints and Settlement Agreements can be stored and viewed directly from the IP record.

Document Management

A complete record for a trademark, patent or any other IP matter is not just the metadata such as application numbers and dates, but includes all supporting documents such as registration certificates, filing receipts, emails and  agreements. With the integrated Documents Module, all that can be viewed from the IP record with one click. Precedents and knowledge base materials can also be stored and indexed. Documents can be extracted for off site backup. It’s all part of good practice management.



“To every cow belongs her calf, therefore to every book belongs it copy” – judgement by King Diarmait of Ireland , 6th century  in the Psalter of St Columba case. Copyright has expanded mightily since then and the TM Cloud Copyright Module entertains all kinds of copyright work from all jurisdictions. Registration details, authorship, ownership, publication details and assignments are part of the copyright record. A  web link to the Library of Congress Copyright Catalog and a Copyright Term Calculator keeps your US data accurate. Copies of the copyright work can be stored with other materials in the Documents Module.



The TM Cloud Searches Module is the place to record and track all of your search activity from full multi jurisdiction clearance searches performed by professional search companies to a quick knockout search using online databases or Google. For online preliminary searches in over 100 foreign jurisdictions and many US states, use TM Cloud’s Pre Search web links. Keep the search reports in the Documents Module with immediate access from the search record. When the time comes to file a new application one click  from the Search record creates a corresponding trademark record.

Are copyrights part of the US Constitution? Click here for more US copyright law history.

Domain Names

We now inhabit a digitized age in which domain names are as important for businesses as any physical street address. TM Cloud  preserves records of all your domain name registrations, with full docketing for renewals. In addition, the Domains Module tracks the Registrar and account details of your domains and the servers that host them. Audit data with web links to the .com Whois database as well as the, Nominet and other national sources from within your account. The ability to cross index domain names with the relevant trademark registrations is another feature  provided by TM Cloud.

Company Management

Comprehensive name and address databases are an important part of IP portfolio record keeping. Managing the diverse and numerous details of company names, personal contact information, incorporation and other company details can quickly become cumbersome. To solve this issue TM Cloud makes managing company records an integral part of our Intellectual Property modules. All company names for applicants, clients, agents, inventors, 3rd parties, infringers and others are kept in the Companies Module.  Custom email templates can be used for mailings and other correspondence. 

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The TM Cloud Assignments module links directly to the Trademark, Patent and Copyright Modules to record details of all transfers of rights, assignments, mergers and changes of name and address.  In addition custom templates can be set up to draft standard and confirmatory Assignments, Powers of Attorney and supporting correspondence. Lists of trademark registrations, patents or copyrights can be pulled  directly from the other IP Modules  to prepare schedules.


Contracts & Licenses

TM Cloud manages all contracts, agreements and licenses for intellectual property and other matters. The full text of draft and finalized Agreements are kept in the Documents Module. The negotiation history is  preserved in the Journal. The built in docket provides royalty management and critical deadlines for royalty payments, extensions, renewals. and termination dates.  Standard agreements and licenses can be set up with the Templates editor for future use. 



The Internet, an information superhighway, is the global main street for all sorts of sales. TM Cloud has a specialist eCommerce Module to supplement our Disputes Module and to  care for your social media presence and tackle internet based problems that may arise. Our software has templates for frequently used documents such as Take Down and or Cease and Desist notices. You can access the DMCA Directory of Designated Agents via a web-link. When a case arises, it can be  conveniently cross indexed  to our Trademarks and Copyright modules. Full docketing is provided.

Practice Management

Even the most dedicated IP practices have to manage other types of business.  The TM Cloud Practice Management Module takes advantage of the features which are common throughout the other modules, such as the sections for Case Managers, Clients, Agents, the Journal, Docketing, Notes and Document storage. This provides the structure for full featured Practice Management, with custom reports and custom web links.

Customs Recordal Add-in

Registering trademarks and copyrights  with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency (CPB) and corresponding agencies abroad is an effective weapon against imports of infringing or counterfeit products. The TM Cloud Customs Recordal Add-in allows you to keep relevant data in the context of the trademark or copyright record and  provides docketing for expiry dates. A web link to the CBP IP database is provided based on the recordation number.  Links to Customs databases in other jurisdictions can be added.

Outlook Add-in

If you use Outlook as your email system the TM Cloud Outlook Add-in enables you to send an  email to a client or anyone else and also copy it to the Documents Module with indexing information.  The Add-in allows you to look up the relevant trademark or other record and link the email and attachments automatically to one or more records in any TM Cloud Module. If you use Gmail or any other email system you can send emails and attachments directly to the Documents Module with indexing information in the subject line.