Powerful Patent Management Software with Annuities Docketing

TM Cloud is the best way to manage your patent portfolio. Detailed and accurate records can be created automatically by downloading the data from various online databases. Docket entries are auto-generated for all issued patents including  maintenance and annuity requirements. The software includes multiple web links for data downloads and auditing. Data sources include public and private PAIR for US patents. Various national Patent office databases are also available.

Management & Record Keeping for Patents

TM Cloud provides patent management software that can address your patent related needs. Coverage extends to utility and other types of patents, design patents, registered and unregistered designs, patents and plant varieties. You can use the Docket Module to schedule automatic email reports and we can add your own internal deadlines and reminders to those provided by the system.

Web Links for Patents

TM Cloud provides web links that enable moving from your on-screen record to the corresponding patent office data. With one click all the current patent data is available for review and comparison. Through TM Cloud’s platform you will be able to download data from PAIR, Patentscope, the European Patent Register and various major national patent databases for accurate record intake without any manual data entry.

Patent Annuities and Maintenance of Payments

Patent annuities handling is made efficient and easy with built in docketing for major jurisdictions. Add your own custom deadlines and ad hoc reminders for efficient scheduling with TM Cloud. Use the software for standard and custom patent annuity reports for patent annuity payment services. Access the USPTO Maintenance Fee Portal with one convenient click.

Patent Database Access

Using TM Cloud, immediately access patent records and reduce the need to maintain pages of detailed information. The software will let you promptly view Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR) , Private PAIR and Patentscope for data intake and audits. Access to the US Patent Full Text database providing full text claims, references, drawings and other available data is granted with one simple click.  

in 1421, Filippo Brunelleschi was granted the first recorded patent for the design of a new boat, dubbed Il Badalone – the Monster. The three-year manufacturing monopoly granted him permission to destroy any other boats using a similar construction.

Patent Document Storage

Upload any relevant documents to the integrated documents module and they become part of the patent record. You can also store Invention Disclosure Statements (IDS), assignments, patent searches and other materials in electronic format. The software automatically links content with the patent and pertinent records. These can then be viewed with one click.

Patent Search Links

The TM Cloud Patent Management system provides web based access to millions of Patent documents and a variety of research materials. This is made possible through searching Espacenet, the EPO Patent Register, Google Patent Search, USPTO and selected national patent offices, Designview, plant patent and varieties databases. 

Diamond v. Chakrabarty can living organisms be patented biotech

Microbiologist Ananda Mohan Chakrabarty, the plaintiff in the 1980 case of Diamond v. Chakrabarty. The ruling that living organisms can be patented has been credited for enabling the lunch of the biotech industry. Click here to read about this and 5 other significant moments in the history of patents from Reuters