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Extensive USTPO automation for all your US pending trademark applications. The platform is 100% automatic and offers various features as listed below.

Automation Guide - No login required

All features are accessible without the need to log-in to your TM Cloud account. Post log-in details are listed below followed by an overview of  automatic deadline generation across all jurisdictions.


What's included

  • Daily email notification for all status changes in USTPO applications
  • Updates automatically added to TM Cloud trademark records
  • Updates displayed on the dashboard every day for convenience
  • Trademark Office History Sections refreshed and synchronized

Automatic docket entries for

Details of log-in free features

Automatically generated scheduled emails

Scheduled emails containing any TM Cloud report (docket, management or backup etc.) are available at your request daily, weekly or monthly.

Calendar Sync

Synchronize docket deadlines and reminders for trademarks, patents, copyrights, litigation and domain names etc. with any online calendar on your computer, tablet or on your phone.

Outlook add-in for automatic attaching, indexing and storing documents and emails without logging into the TM Cloud platform. 

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Details of post log-in features

These features are accessible once you log-in to your TM Cloud account. Log-in free feature details above and an overview of the automatic deadline generation below.

Global automatic trademark and patent deadline generation:

TM Cloud uses a unique Practice Guide tool in the generation of these deadlines. This includes all statutory deadlines and automatic reminders. All this comes standard with every subscription and covers all jurisdictions. (Custom and adhoc functionality also available.)

Trademark & Patent office data integration for 180 countries:

We are living in an increasingly connected world. With this in mind TM Cloud provides this functionality and more across 180 countries:

  • Handling of downloads, weblinks, audits and documents
  • All core data can be downloaded including, images, graphics and logos
  • Numbers and dates for tracking your applications, registrations and grants
  • Classes to organize goods, services, user specific subject matter and much more

USPTO Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB ) records can be downloaded  to create and audit your Dispute records for opposition, cancellation and litigation matters. 

TM Cloud also provides special handling of WIPO Madrid Protocol International Registrations. You can view detailed status of all IR data from the Madrid Monitor and update all your designations from one centralized page.

unstop automation tm cloud sample
Sample of the USTPO automation functionality from TM Cloud

Automatic Deadline Generation Overview

This details the features of  the Trademarks Module of TM Cloud . The Patents Module has similar functionality. .

Office Actions (OA)

Enter the date of an Office Action in the OA section. The section automatically calculates the response due dates and reminders and adds the dates to the docket,

Statutory Deadlines:

Time is precious. Deadlines must be met. The system automatically generates mandatory legal deadlines with reminders. You can also add your own ad hoc deadlines or reminders to the system. 

Trademark Renewals:

Automation simplifies workflows. Once the status of a trademark renewal has been marked as completed the module will automatically calculate and schedule the next renewal due date. A Declaration of Use due date will also be generated if applicable. Data updates can be downloaded into the platform using the Audit feature from the connected online trademark databases.

Statement of Use:

A Statement Of Use (SOU) is required for Intent-To-Use (ITU) trademark applications. Once the Notice of Allowance has been received and the date has been saved in the record, all dates and reminders will be automatically generated in the docket for US applications.

Patent Annuities:

Patent annuitiy requirements vary from country to country. TM Cloud automatically calculates the due dates for patent annuities and other maintenance due dates. Patent data updates can be downloaded into the module from various connected patent databases.


Notifications and other reminders are an important part of how we navigate our increasingly complex lives. Once a docket action is marked as completed all corresponding reminders will be automatically updated or removed from the docket. This reduces clutter or confusion and keeps your docket streamlined and efficient.

All modules work in the same manner.

Thank you for reading about the Log-in free feature details,  Post Log-in details and the overview of the automatic deadline generation included in the TM Cloud Global Intellectual Property Management Software. You can find out more about USTPO Automation by clicking the button below or feel free to contact us for more information and inquiries.

The historic Old Patent Office Building in Washington, D.C. ca. 1846 by John Plumbe

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I used several hosted services as part of my practice and none come close to providing the efficiency I enjoy with how TM Cloud manages my docket of over 1200 trademark filings. The service is intuitive and complete, and the switchover from the docket provider I used before was seamless. If I built my own cloud-based service, it would look a lot like TM Cloud.

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Kelly Weiner
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TM Cloud has been like a savior for my company. We now have a full picture of the company’s IP portfolio at our fingertips. The ease in accessing the information and preparing detailed reports makes this portion of my daily tasks quick and painless. Thanks, TM Cloud.

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TM Cloud is a straightforward and customizable docket system with a great report generating feature. As a cloud-based service it is accessible from virtually anywhere and it was easy to provide clients with access to their trademark records. The ability to audit trademark records for accuracy is invaluable, and the capacity to use the system in either in English or Spanish language was a good option for our clients.

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