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How to docket a new US trademark application

For use with most trademark docketing poststng

Trademark Docketing Software procedures

How to docket a new US trademark application

Option 1:

When you get instructions to file, make a skeleton record in TM Cloud, entering the Trademark name, the Applicant, status and jurisdiction (US). A follow-up date will be generated automatically.

File using TEAS, and get the application number and date immediately. Enter that data into the record.

Wait for 3 or 4 days until the USPTO databases are updated, then use the TM Cloud Audit button to update the record by adding the classes and goods, the logo, and the basis of filing. The follow up docket dates will also be generated automatically.

Option 2:

File, then wait for 3 or 4 days until the USPTO database TESS has been updated. Use the “Add a Trademark” button and enter the serial number to create a record and download complete details. The data is added to the record and deadlines and reminders are generated automatically.

In both cases, going forward the TM Cloud automatic status updates will keep the data and the docket up to date through to registration and beyond on daily basis without any clerical or paralegal input.