The Trademark Management Software provided by TMCloud  is a unified, intelligent interface that incorporates and surpasses all capabilities of competitive systems.

Trademarks have been in use for a centuries. Trademarking arguably for millennia. TM Cloud provides you with the means to benefit form this useful invention.

US Trademark Status Updates

The TM Cloud trademark management software will update pending US trademark applications daily, without requiring your manual input. Critical data is added to the records in your portfolio and used to create docket entries. In addition the software e-mails confirmations to approved management and support staff.

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Docket Reports of Trademarks

TM Cloud provides a series of standard Excel reports that can conveniently be customized with ease as you require. Management of docket reports covering the all the jurisdictions you select  can be generated at any time or scheduled for automatic email delivery daily, weekly or monthly. The software sends critical data to your desktop or optionally to your mobile device.

Trademark Renewal Date Calculation

With TM Cloud‘s trademark software you can manage all your docketing needs. This done by utilizing the comprehensive TM Cloud Practice Guide library consisting of intellectual property deadlines and reminders for the renewal and maintenance of your trademarks in all jurisdictions. Clients can add and customize docket rules by using the intuitive content management system. The application renews and maintains dates and reminders automatically for U.S. and other global jurisdictions adding them to the docket of your choice.

Data Validation of Trademarks

At TM Cloud we known docketing depends on accurate, up-to-date trademark and IP records. With this in mind, the trademark management software provides audit links for 177 jurisdictions to keep your records up to date and in tune with national trademark office data. Other included features are convenient internal alerts that highlight missing or doubtful docketing data, such as registered marks with no renewal dates and past due critical dates.

Special Trademark Jurisdictions

TM Cloud‘s software provides you with special handling through live web links to Trademark Electronic Search Systems (TESS), Trademark Status & Document Retreival (TSDR) and the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) database. Web links are also provided for all other major jurisdictions including European Union trade mark (EUTM) and Madrid Protocol International registrations, Audit links are available for these and all other jurisdictions.

Docketing For All Modules Related to Trademarks

With the trademark management software docketing your trademarks, patents, disputes, searches, domain names and all other Intellectual Property matters is simple and convenient. Graphs and charts are displayed on the dashboard for a handy way to view the analytics of your account.

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